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Risk Assessment

Research at Fox Chase

Research at FCCC

Through Fox Chase's Risk Assessment Program you have the option to take part in research studies that help us learn more about cancer risk and prevention.

By studying the biological, genetic, and environmental factors that influence cancer risk, researchers at Fox Chase are working to understand more about the hereditary factors, or genes, that influence cancer -- who is at risk for certain types of cancers and how we might reduce this risk.

In addition, our researchers are looking at how cancer risk and genetic information affect individual and family decisions. We are developing ways of communicating cancer risk information more effectively to patients and their families.

As an academic center we are constantly looking for new ways to detect, treat, and prevent cancer. Our doctors and scientists explore the entire spectrum of cancer from basic laboratory science to behavioral science to treatment clinical trials. We have great success in patient participation in our research - it is really you, our patients, who allow us to be on the cutting edge of cancer research!