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My notebook

Good communication between you and the genetic counselor is very important for cancer risk assessment. You'll get a lot of information during your appointment. You'll learn about cancer risk, family history, genetic testing and health behaviors that can increase or decrease your cancer risk. Some of the information may be complex.

During your appointment:

  • Remember to take notes
  • Let your team know about any worries or concerns you may have
  • Ask questions

It is important to plan ahead for your first appointment.

The Fox Chase risk assessment team has provided an online notebook to help you better prepare for your first appointment.

The notebook allows you to:

  • Take notes from anywhere on this website: Locate the "Open My Notebook" link in the upper right-hand corner on this page. Clicking on this link from any page will open your notebook.
  • Add concerns or questions for your risk assessment team
  • Print a list of notes and questions to keep or take with you to your first appointment

If you are ready to add a note or question to your notebook, Open My Notebook now.