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What should I expect?

Genetic Counseling Visit:

In cancer risk assessment, the most important information comes from your family and personal health history. A cancer genetic counselor or genetics nurse will review all the information that you have gathered about your personal and family history to see if there are patterns that suggest an inherited genetic change.

We will discuss:

  • The pattern of cancer seen in the family
  • Your risk for having an inherited mutation in the family
  • Your risk for cancer
  • Whether or not genetic testing is right for you or your family members
  • Your personal options for ways to lower your risk for cancer through screening, surgery, medicines and /or changes in diet, exercise, etc.

If genetic testing is appropriate, your genetic counselor will walk you through questions about insurance coverage and can coordinate most genetic testing the day of your visit.

If you choose to have genetic testing, results can take from 2-12 weeks, depending on which test is ordered.

High Risk Screening Clinic:

A physician or nurse practitioner will review:

  • Your personal and family medical history. This may include a review of prior biopsy results and imaging.
  • Appropriate screening and prevention options based on personal and family risk factors

You will have a careful physical exam, such as a breast exam or other screening.

Some patients may have a mammogram or other breast imaging immediately prior to their visit with the doctor. If applicable, these results may be reviewed with you before you leave.